Sunday, May 2, 2021
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Being wealthy is highly dependent on what your thoughts are about earning money, says author Steve Siebold, after he interviewed lots of high-earning people.

Have you ever wondered what you think about money?

In an interview, some time ago, with Emily Williams, who happens to be an expert on the subject, she was asked about the obstacles that make it a bit difficult to make money. She supported the theory that it begins with your thought process.

A thought process, in simpler terms, is the series of casual thoughts that arise in your mind. For this discussion, these thoughts may be related to money, which may even be just common phrases like, “You should always cut your coat according to your cloth”, or “It’s a constant financial burden to make money”. Some people are even pessimistic to the point that they think that “all rich people are evil”. Then comes the hopeless ones who believe, “Getting more money requires a great ton of effort” or “The money they have is never enough”.

8 Thoughts to Ponder Upon:

How do you figure out what your beliefs about money are? Emily Williams thinks below are some of the questions you can ask yourself to get an idea. What did your family teach you about money?

  • What did your family teach you about money?
  • What did your family tell you about money?
  • How does wealth make you feel?
  • What has been the theme in your life for the past few years in terms of your finances?
  • Do you have any guilt related to money?
  • Where do you spend your money versus where do you want to spend your money?
  • Do you believe you deserve to spend money on yourself?
  • What three words would you use to describe money in your life?

Williams shares her story, she told that she herself had a negative hunch about the money in her life. She used to think that she will have a hard time paying off the debt she had.

“I had been making myself feel wrong and guilty for my debt, even though I was only in debt because I chased my dreams which is something I will never regret!

So, my husband and I started replacing the word ‘debt’ with ‘investments’ because I found just hearing the ‘d-word’ made me feel really negative.”

Change the Words in Your Story:

Similar to William’s husband, it is suggested to use positivity to change the way how you feel towards something. You will see a gradual change within you if you speak to yourself in a motivating manner. Never use the kind of words that you would not use with anyone else in a healthy and uplifting conversation.

More ways to change your mindset towards money:

 At the end of the interview, we managed to extract some useful strategies that may help you in adopting a better mindset related to money matters.

Once you get to know about what you want, stick to it. There are many people out there who demotivate themselves by thinking they can never achieve their goals in life. Get rid of these kinds of thoughts. They will only bring negativity and nothing else. 

Do not limit your plans. If where you are is not where you want to start from then begin from changing that. Follow your heart and see where that leads you. At least, you would not be disappointed in the future by thinking you did not do that thing you really wanted to try. Believe in yourself. People are usually able to do so much more than they think of their tendencies.

We get inspired when we see people doing great things in life. Sure, that can be a great source of inspiration, but, do not feel like they are some super-human and not like you. You can achieve the same things as they do. Everybody is capable in their own unique way. Find that spark within you and utilize it to the maximum. Everyone matters.

Do not treat money like it will run away if you let it go. Being careful is another thing, but do not just hold on to every penny you have. Start tipping a little if you eat out or even if it is just a daily coffee stop. There must have been times when you were thinking like, “Oh, maybe I don’t have enough to tip”. It is not suggested to just blow all your money, but make it a habit to give a little. 

Basically, your mindset is what plays an essential role in your money matters. If you think of your debt as a burden then it will keep hovering like a cloud above you. Don’t be shameful about it. However, if you consider it an investment, then just by the change of thinking pattern, you’ll see a difference in your wellbeing.

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