Friday, April 30, 2021
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There is a likelihood for your blood to exert an increasing force on the blood vessels when you are continuously thinking about what to do and working without resting in your place of work. These excessive workloads affect the flow of blood from the heart through the arteries and from the veins to the heart, leading to high blood pressure.

It is true that jobs can cause high blood pressure and it is solely dependent on the nature of the work and structure of the organization. You can not work for a few hours or be in a small office setting with stable growth in the business and be complaining about the risk of having hypertension. This shows that not all jobs are a factor of high blood pressure but some selected types of works can be seen as one of the causes of hypertension in the workplace.

What type of jobs is likely to cause high blood pressure in the workplace?

You may be wondering, how can my job cause high blood pressure? It is not the work itself that is responsible for hypertension but the prolonged time of working and the conditions you are made to work under it.

Find out some of these risky jobs and conditions in the points listed below:

1. Marketing

The name “marketing” should let you know that extra work rate is required in order to be successful in the job. Hence, targets that must be met are set and must be completed else face a sanction by the top management of the organization.

Jobs on target are most linked with those who suffer from depression in workplaces and can cause unreasonable thinking which may lead to heart failures. Once you are not able to meet up with your target, there are thoughts about how you will earn your full salary, feeding, debt defrayment, and others. With these, you are exposed to high blood pressure.

You may likely forget to have your daily meal or doing something good for yourself because of the target that you want to attain. However, you are advised to always speak up to the management and accept what you can do according to your capacity when you are into a job that requires certain targets each day.

2. Operations

People in the operation department who are responsible for production and customer satisfaction are highly exposed to job strain. This is a major risk for high blood pressure and a sudden increase in left ventricular mass. The work done during production is believed to increase the force exerted on blood vessels which causes hypertension, also called high blood pressure.

3. Managing your own establishment

Your personal or self-employed work can also cause high blood pressure. Daily losses affect businesses and when your business is stagnant, you are most likely to run around looking for solutions and you will be bothered about it. Your concern at this moment is on how to come up with gains, how to run a stable business, and how to stop the unnecessary losses. All of these together with worries about the market competition may give rise to high blood pressure.

Some of the conditions that arise from your workplace and can affect your life and expose you to different illnesses, of which high blood pressure is one of them, include:

  • Returning late to your home: Your job, happiness, and family should have an equal rate of consideration. However, it is not so for the married ones. When a partner keeps returning very late at night from the workplace, the family bond and happiness will begin to fade away and can lead to divorce.

Once you are divorced because of your job, there is a point that your mind will take you back to the good times you had with your partner. During this period, all that you will do is thinking of how to get back to your normal life and too much of your thoughts may result in high blood pressure.

  • Issues of promotion: If you have been working so hard in your workplace and in the end, it appears as if no one is noticing the rate at which you work each day. And when a promotion comes, you are ignored and that raised a concern about your continuation in the workplace. Your heart is troubled and that makes it pump blood at a higher rate which could be a sign of having high blood pressure.

In summary, if you are a type of person who would like to spend more than twelve hours working on each day of the week without resting, you should create time to visit the company’s’ clinic, as there might be an unseen danger of overworking yourself at your workplace waiting to develop into high blood pressure.

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