Saturday, March 6, 2021
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In life, we take some steps and make some decisions that make us waste time. The sad thing is we don’t realize how much time we waste at the moment. It is later we get to know.

The mismanagement of daily tasks and spending too much time on social media is often seen as the culprit of time-wasting. This is however partially true. Yes, they are bad habits but they are not the biggest time waster. We will discuss an even bigger time waster below.

Not Asking for Help

Ask questions if you don’t understand what is going on. Many times, you will require the help of a fellow worker to get something done. Don’t just try to do it all by yourself. Engage other people for help. Otherwise, you would have wasted the previous time. There are other people out there who don’t know how many years of their lives they’ve wasted as a result of this.

Also, always remember that the fastest way to get help is by asking for it. This is one of the reasons why you should engage in networking and getting yourself a mentor. At a point in everyone’s career, there is always that feeling of getting stuck or being unproductive. The advice of a mentor or information you get from your social network might just be the boost you need to get going again.b

There is another angle to this. By not asking for help, you are probably not facing challenges that would ensure your growth. You can’t possibly have all the answers. If you are not asking questions, you are probably stuck in your comfort zone and not asking the necessary questions you need to propel your life and career forward.

Trying to Make Bad Relationships Work

Another factor that wastes people’s time is their passion to try and get bad relationships working. What you need to understand is all relationships need maintenance. Maintaining a good relationship is likely healthy but trying to get a bad one working is very counterproductive.

The decision to keep pursuing a bad relationship is a bad one. The best thing to do is to call it quits so that you can save your time and effort.

People find reasons to try and put forward for making a bad relationship work. What is funny is the fact that these reasons are not healthy. The earlier you cut off these toxic relationships, the better.

Dwelling on Your Mistakes and Shortcomings

While it is a sign of growth when you learn from your mistakes, you should avoid dwelling on them. Dwelling on mistakes affect your confidence and drag you back.

It is well known that people who dwell on their mistakes are more likely to repeat those mistakes. Don’t dwell on the past, look to the future. That is the best way to have the self-control you need.

If you really think about it, dwelling on the past probably makes you feel like a failure. When you feel that you have failed, it is easier to give up and not try again.

Your recourse is to learn from your past mistakes, let them stay in the past and use the lessons to help yourself grow.

Worrying Too Much About Other People

Caring for people is a good thing. What is toxic is when you let it degenerate into unnecessary worry. This is an easy trap to fall into. Because your friends and family mean a lot to you, you naturally want to spend your time with them. This makes you care about every problem. If care isn’t taken, you will end up getting unduly worried which will water your time.

Also, you might have fallen in the bad habit of constantly comparing yourself to others. If you get jealous of other people over their possessions, you are only wasting your time. Jealousy won’t change anything about your life. It is a bitter, destructive emotion that will run down your time for you.

You should ask yourself what you want in life. Instead of harboring envy for other people because of their possessions, try to figure out what you really want and why you want it. Don’t let jealousy rule your life.

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