Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Do you know that according to a survey, the productivity of an average employee drops to almost 36% during the summer?

Summer is that specific season which everyone waits for but it is not known for being highly productive. During summer, people just laze around and receive casual and laid-back vibes from everyone. People at work either take the Fridays or the Mondays off depending upon their situation but the season of sun reduces the productivity of the people.

However, does that mean you should give in to this slump? Your company should not suffer due to this low productivity of the employees’ phase which is why you need a proper summer productivity plan. You need to form a baseline plan that is all about how to get the work done during the summer. You can put together a few suggestions and ideas from your board of advisors so that you can smartly get the work done during the sun season. You can also look forward to speaking with some experts who can suggest the best ways possible to come up with the plan that suits you.

1.   Make the Plan

If you are that person who is lazy all summer, you need a definitive plan. Make lists or if you don’t know how to shape them up, download some cool list apps. You can type your to-do lists and get set going. Focus on which of them need to be completed on time. Apart from that, if you are doing a job somewhere, you need to make sure you are doing your job just like it is in the job description. Make bullet points for each task you need to accomplish. You can also prioritize them based on the joy they bring. It will help you feel happy and productive.

2.      Adopt the sprint working method

You can treat the whole work in summer as intervals instead of a big marathon. Work super hard for a few days and then you can take a few days off to enjoy what you do other than work. You can work hard, and rest well and again get back to working hard. This cycle of work and rest will keep you focused and away from all the possible distractions of summer. You will be productive, motivated, well-rested and have some relaxation, too.

3.      Holistic guide tasks

Tag along with nature along with your work plans. Take the advantage of the longer days and then depending upon your location, work outdoors or indoors. You can do all the paperwork or the typing job on a back porch or a patio or the rooftop on that beautiful bright sunny day. You can go indoors on those days when there is rain or the weather is gloomy. As long as the sun is shining, take vitamin D and finish your work. Let nature help you in completing your task.

4.      Bifurcate your big plans and break them down to small ones

Is your to-do list a long and lengthy one? Then here is what you can do. You can simplify the tasks and break them down into two tasks instead of spending your resources on one single thing. You can break the tasks into simpler actions that do not take more than 30 minutes and focus on completing them. Suppose if you are brainstorming on something, complete that task and take a break. You can do the action taking task later.

5.      Use the slump to complete significant projects that do not have an immediate deadline

When you are in the summer season, you can plan to complete the projects that are important but do not have an urgent deadline. You will have people on vacation, and the office may also run at a slower pace, but you can tackle the tasks that need to be done yearly once. It can be things like upgrading the computers, software updates, proper organizing of files, desks and furniture sets, etc. You can also plan to sell old computers or donate the equipment that you no longer need.

6.      Plan for a vacation

To increase productivity, you need to take a few days off work. Yes, we do want to work hard and submit work on deadlines, but you need to take some time out for yourself, too. You can go for a long lunch date or take some time off your shift to spend time with your daughter, or even visit the spa for a massage! You can have scheduled breaks if not a vacation per se, but you should enjoy your summer just like others.

These are some golden tips that can increase productivity. You can ask your boss and order a fun lunch at work with your colleagues, or you can come in casuals for a day with permission, obviously. Whatever you plan to do, just spend some time on relaxation, and you’ll notice a considerable improvement in your productivity at work or otherwise.

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