Monday, May 3, 2021
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Why is it that many attain their goals in a short time, but it takes others a longer time or forever to get to their destination?

It’s all summed up in what each of these individuals does daily. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step, so they say. Your daily routine forms your habits and you are cognitively a product of your own habits. Champions are noted by their daily routine, their lifestyle, and the aura they radiate around them.

Here are the things needed for you to become your Best Self:

1. Examine your life

Are you where you have always dreamt to be? Now, the moment you “realized”, whether or not you are a believer that your dreams can be actualized, you are a step ahead to becoming your best self.

If after self-examination, you are not satisfied with the outcome of the examination. It is time to consider another step to become your best self.

2. List and access those things you have done recently

Make a list of those things you do daily for the past 30 to the last 14 days. Now check this list, observe if there is anything that you have been doing consistently, and it is not pointing towards fulfilling either your short term or long term goal, then cross it off the list. Rearrange the remaining items on the list in order of priorities and follow them judiciously.

3. Exercise

Yes, you heard me well, “exercise”. Remember this always, for you to be your best self, you need to stay fit. Your state of mind, body, and spirit is greatly affected by your physical wellbeing.

An unhealthy individual cannot meet up with his mates. So no matter your dream, no matter your condition, no matter whatever the challenge it is you are facing, always remember that health is wealth.

Your spirit needs a body to live in. Your mind can not stay focused if you have any chronic health challenges. It will take more energy than is required to do so.

4. Read and Study

Often, you would hear great men say that “readers are leaders”. If you have not been reading books, you need to, and if you have been reading already, improve.

Read as many books as possible as there are many meaningful books by men and women who have made it in life. But study more of those materials and books that contain information relating to your goals and you will realize how much you would gain.

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5. Have a mentor

You are at liberty to also choose, study, and follow the lifestyle of those men who have already made to where you’re aiming to reach. You will be awed of how much easier your work would appear when you have a mentor.

6. Face your fears

Work on those areas of your life that you are afraid to squeeze. Feel the discomfort, adjust accordingly but justly.

7. Listen to others and accept corrections

Don’t be too proud. Listen to gossips about you. In every rumor, there are elements of truth. Select and work on those habits you have been told is unbearable. Accept corrections and move ahead.

8. Be truthful to yourself

You may succeed in fooling the whole world, you may swear to the universe that the seas and the oceans are but tears from a child, but you cannot lie to yourself. A lie to one’s self is a sign of failure.

Do not ever make excuses for things you did not do right. There is always a way out, try it differently. You will be happy with yourself that you did not give up on the pretext that something bad happened.

9. Appreciate yourself and appreciate people

Celebrate yourself for every progress you have made, whether big or small and it will encourage you to strive and become the best of you. Appreciate people in your life who have contributed directly or indirectly, in one way or the other to the success of your life.

10. Take up a new skill

Learn something new and expand your horizon. Go on adventures. Discover yourself in different fields and stick to the best. One that makes you feel fulfilled and at the same time bring your earnings.

11. Give

You are wondering how this is important in your life. Yes, right? If you do not give, learn how to do it. It comes with a sense of importance, joy, the fulfillment of purpose, an increase of self-worth, and an open door for the future. Builds your self-respect more, than receiving.

12. Invest in yourself

Buy good books to read, study, and digest them. Buy good clothes, dress smart, and look good. It boosts your self-confidence.

Invest in businesses, buy shares from reputable companies (you may need to consult an expert to help you with this one). Get a skill or more in ICT, it will prove useful at all times.

Finally, you have to select a time frame for your daily activities. It will do you much good. Remember to paste a note of your what-to-do list at places you can easily spot and be guided.

Always remember, that even if you were not born with a silver spoon, you can foil the wooden frame if that makes you feel better and fulfilled. Encourage yourself even if no one encourages you. Be the Best of you.

Good luck in all your endeavors.

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