Sunday, May 2, 2021
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2019 is a year of many changes. There are many emerging trends replacing old ones. As a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, it is never too late to exploit one of the upcoming trends and create a business idea around it. If you are lacking business ideas for 2019, below is a list of ideas that can make you rich this year.

1. Plant-based foods

A trend that is going mainstream in 2019 is veganism. Plant-based diets are becoming a new obsession as people are trying to be ‘mear-free’. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to hop on incoming trends and exploit them to make money. The plant-based protein market is an exponentially growing one. Capitalize on the business now.

2. Plastic alternatives

This is the year to embrace innovations like the paper straw and move away from plastic products. There is a plastic crisis. There is no denying that fact. It has created a market for alternative products that can be recycled.

Countries are now showing more caution against pollution and working to make the earth safer and less polluted. This stance has pushed them against the single-use of plastic.

3. Nanoblading

Nanoblading is regarded as the perfect solution to eyebrow woes. As a beauty trend, it is a great business opportunity. It has the potential of being even bigger in the future. In 2019 however, this business venture will be big.

Unlike micro-blading, nano blading uses smaller and finer needles to create its strokes much nearer to the surface of the skin.

4. Bespoke beauty

The number one beauty trend for 2019 is generally accepted as ‘Bespoke beauty’. Last year, the business idea was inclusive of beauty. This year, however, the business idea is being trimmed to fit and be tailored to an individual. This is a market worth tapping into from its custom conditioners and shampoos customized for your client’s particular hair to the many possible fragrances, base and color combinations

5. Kintsugi (Japanese art of repair)

The Kintsugi principle is the art of beautifying broken things. Originally this principle was limited to pottery. Now, you can apply it to all sorts of products. 2019 is the year where recycling and a circular economy is playing a major role. This is a lifestyle trend that you shouldn’t take lightly. This idea, if properly executed, is likely to enrich your account.

6. Digital detox

Screentime addiction is a thing. People are identifying it as one now and steps are being taken to try and cut down screen time. 2019 should be a year of the optimal digital detoxification. There would be a lot of opportunities to create startups that help people cut down on their screen time.

7. Houseplants

If you are into interior decoration business ideas, 2019 might be the year you make your big breakthrough. You should look back to the 70s for inspiration and make houseplants your business idea this year.

The more people are disconnected from nature, the more eager they are to make amends. Most people who, in this generation, live without gardens as they live in a busy city have turned houseplants into a growing trend.

8. Personal health apps

The mobile medical market is estimated to be worth about £9 million by 2025. This is a growing market that is feeding off the need of people to manage their current health issues while preventing the emergence of new ones without making a physical consultation with the doctor. With mobile medical apps, you can make remote consultation and control your health from your mobile.

9. Online coaching and consultancy

2019 is the year when consumers will shift from traditional face-to-face services and hop on the online trend. They will search online for services they haven’t accessed online before.

Consumers will exploit tools like live chat feature and video links to engage their service providers. From sports coaching to a doctor’s appointment, everything will be done online.

10. Inclusive children’s products

A huge business idea is the sales of children’s products. An estimated £3.4 billion was made in toy sales alone in 2018 in the UK. It is a huge market with a lot of potentials. Representing the diverse nature of our society with these toys is a change that has been advocated for by the media. These changes will reflect in 2019 and it is the time to hop on the emerging trend for any aspiring entrepreneur Share46

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