Saturday, March 6, 2021
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You certainly want to manage your personal wallet. You want to stay cool and calm with the sufficient money in your account. Follow these 60 golden rules :

1-Moderate spending

Keep moderate spending on shopping.

2-Adopt Simplicity

Try to stay as simple as possible.

3-Stay in the present

Don’t think of the future too much. Stay at present to earn money for the future.

4-Have emergency saving

Try to save some money for an emergency that occurs all of sudden.

5-Avoid Taking loan

Don’t take a loan, if you can stay without it. The huge interest in load will disturb your budget.

6-Keeping saving for retirement

Keep some saving for the day when you will have nothing to do after retirement.

7-Insurance for dependence

Buy insurance policies for your children.

8-Maintain a monthly budget

Strictly maintain a monthly budget to ensure some savings.

9-Maintain your utility bills

Don’t use electricity and other facilities without the need to maintain your utility bills.

10-Determine the actual income

Review your monthly income to determine your resources.

11-Find the substitute for the costly needs

Buy the substitutes for the costly items you need.

12-Don’t invest money on a project if you cannot afford

If you cannot afford the investment, don’t take a step by taking a loan on heavy interest.

13-Avoid the investment traps

Don’t get into the traps of the investors persuading you for investment.

14-Big goals setting and struggling

Make big goals for the future to achieve them one day.

15-Build home when you can afford

Don’t take the home loans on huge interest; you will stay hungry while paying back a loan.

16-Buy vehicles that you can afford

Buy the vehicle that you can afford.

17-Drive vehicle at normal speed

Your vehicle will not need maintenance soon if you drive it at a normal speed.

18-Air tight your home

Keep your home airtight to stop leakage of heat in the winter.

19-Good terms with neighbors

Maintain good terms with a neighbor to borrow things at the time of need.

20-Do not go beyond your means

Spend as much money as you can afford.

21-Save as much as you can easily

Don’t be utterly close-fisted, save as much money as you can save after fulfilling your basic needs.

22-Realize your children of the value of money in life

Start teaching your children about the importance of money in life.

23- Don’t get retired if you can continue

Don’t request for retirement if you have enough strength and permission to carry on. You will lose a regular monthly income.

24-Invest you money in stock market

You can earn profit by investing in the stock exchange.

25-Buy cheap share in the market

Don’t buy heavy shares in the market to avoid a bigger loss.

26-Do not invest in individual stock

The individual stock has more possibility of getting collapsed.

27- International investment serves you better

Invest internationally if you can. You have more chances to settle abroad.

28- Buy bonds

Buy prize bonds to try your luck.

29-Make a plane to do before the retirement

Make an after retirement plan to stay busy after retirement.

30-Meal planning at the start of the week

Plan the weekly meal to ensure saving.

31-Show your competency to your employers

Show your competency to your employers to increment.

32-Buy vegetable weekly

Buy vegetables weekly to avoid more spending daily.

32-Avoid extra shopping

Make a list of the necessary item before going shopping. Don’t overrule your shopping list.

33-Avoid advertisement

Don’t watch advertisements; they tempt you to buy unnecessary items.

34-Adopt cost-free hobbies

Don’t waste money on costly hobbies. Adopt only cost-free hobbies.

35-Avail free services in your communities

Try to avail of the free services in your community to save money.

36-Don’t care for other’s opinion about your lifestyle

Don’t care for other’s opinions about your way of living. You are not bound to follow them.

37- Don’t follow others in spending

Don’t live the way the others live. They have a different source of income than yours.

38-Have strong ties with people

Have strong ties with people to get their maximum help at the time of trouble.

39-Recount your belongings

Keep the record of your belongings; recount them time and again every month.

40-Don’t play the gamble

Don’t play gamble, it has a possibility of loss.

41-Stay focused

Do much as needed. Don’t get involved in useless activities to waste time and money.

42-Start a side business

Start a side business to increase your income.

43-Watch TV to a limited extent

Don’t watch TV more often to avoid the temptation of buying new goods.

44-Buy that you direly need

Only buy those things that you direly need.

45-Don’t  buy expensive items

Never buy expensive items. The substitute is there in the market.

46-Buy cheap things

Cheap things also fulfill your needs.

47-Dine at home

Never dine outside. Dine at home to save money.

48-Avoid drug addiction

Avoid all kinds of addictions; smoking, tea, and piping.

49-Prepare more food to save fuel consumption

Prepare more food once a week to avoid more consumption of energy.

50-Led Bulb usage

The led bulb should be used to save energy.

51-Use cheap grocery

Use cheap groceries to save money.

52-Fix your problems yourself

Don’t go to the mechanic if you can repair the vehicles or goods.

53-Don’t let others use your vehicle

Don’t let others use your vehicle; the life span of your vehicle will lessen.

54- Unsubscribe useless membership

Don’t involve in those activities that give you nothing in return.

55- don’t leave the food on the table after lunch

If you take lunch outside, take the residue to home.

56-Use public transportation

Use public transport to save money.  

57-Be Friendly to your life partner

Be friendly to your life partner about your future plan.

58-Happiness lies in the heart, not in goods

Don’t run after luxuries of life; happiness lies in the heart.

59-Show clear cut response

Don’t feel shy while saving money.

60- Do not share financial secrets with others.

Don’t share your financial secrets with others; they will borrow money from you.


Save money as more as possible by adopting a simple way of living.

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