Sunday, May 2, 2021
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1- So, awards season has come to an end. What have your highlights been?

Olivia Colman winning the Oscar for ‘Best Actress’ has to be the most exciting thing ever. As a British actress, she is a true inspiration of what is possible within the industry. Her work is incredible and she is finally getting the credit she deserves. I loved her acceptance speech and how down to earth she comes across as. You can imagine being her best friend, and going for a drink with her.

pic2 - sublime meets with a star in the world cinema Mellisa

2- You have a big interest in fashion. Who’s style has stood out on the red carpet this year?

I absolutely loved Melissa McCarthy at the Oscars.  I think she always dresses to complement her own style and I think she stood out for all the right reasons. Suits have been bang on trend this year. And with the right tailoring, they are accessible to everybody.

3- And who has stood out for the “wrong reasons”

I don’t like the idea of seeing people on the ‘worst dressed’ or ‘what was she thinking’ lists. One, they only ever do this to women. Men never have these lists made about them. Two, I think it’s awful to bring other people down with nasty comments. We should be lifting each other up, not dragging each other down. And three, I think fashion is a very personal choice. I think people should feel comfortable in their own skin and what they are wearing. And people have very different tastes. What one person loves, another person hates. And that’s ok. Nobody is wrong, just because they disagree with something.

pic3 -sublime meets with a star in the world cinema Mellisa

4- Who are your ‘go-to’ style icons, outside of awards season?

I grew up watching “Sex in the City’ and just fell in love with the characters and the fashion. I follow SJP obsessively on Instagram. I literally refresh my feed to see what’s she’s wearing. I and my friend Holly even went to her shoe store in NYC when we were there last (but it was shut). SJP is just effortlessly glamorous and I would love her wardrobe.  

pic4 - sublime meets with a star in the world cinema Mellisa

5- Lastly, what style tips can you give our readers?

Just be comfortable with who you are. Don’t change your style or appearance because of what other people think. And don’t wear something that you are not comfortable in. I am happiest when I am walking my dog, in my jeans and UGG boots. Yes, it’s nice getting glammed up to go to big events, but that’s not who I am all of the time.

Thank you for your time. We wish you all the best with your career.

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