Saturday, May 1, 2021
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1- How did you get your beginning as an influencer?

Model and talent agency and research independently

2- How does your creative approach change from one social media platform to another?

I’m always up to date with new technology and various different concepts and colors

3- Why do you think your work garnered a positive reception from your followers?

Because it is targeted so my followers can expect and get what they’re looking for

4- Have any tactics been especially effective in helping you grow your audience?

Yes I have been using hashtags and gearing my market to be a certain audience lately entrepreneurs.

5- How would you say your content has changed since you started?

It’s only become better and I’ve Learn how to master it over 4-6 years.

6- What type of content does well on Instagram but don’t on other platforms?

Marketing small businesses

7- What kind of struggles are often not talked about around being an influencer?

Finding work

8- What is the most rewarding part of being one?

The flexibility

9- Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Owning my own business and being a role model and leader as well as hopefully traveling

10- A final thought?

Pick me 🙂 I am a unique soul with a drive and motivation like none other! PS. I am a lefty!

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