Apple and Samsung patent game-play

2007:Apple sued its component supplier Samsung for four design patents, which included the basic shape of iPhone. It declared that most of the South Korean Company's android phones and tablets infringed Apple's patents.

2011:Samsung counter-sued Apple for infringing its patents for mobile -communication technologies. By the mid of the year the South Korean company had filed cases against Apple in British High Court and United States District Court. In return, Apple also filed patent suits against Samsung in Japan.

 Both the tech giants have now decided to drop the patent cases in all other countries except U.S. Photo: AP
August 2011:

Apple requested the Landgericht court in Germany to bar Samsung from selling it Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the grounds that the company’s tablet infringed two of Apple’s interface patents. The request was granted to the iPhone maker. 

Apple also sued Samsung in a Dutch court claiming that the South Korean company had copied the photo gallery application. The court ruled in favour of Apple.


Samsung appealed to the Dutch court to overrule the civil court decision which had barred the company from selling its Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the region. The court ruled in favour of Samsung.

February, 2012:

Apple filed suit against Samsung accusing it of infringing many patents. Samsung filed counter-claims. 

A three -judge panel in Seoul gave a split- decision against Apple and accused the company of infringing two of Samsung's technology patents, and Samsung had also broken one of Apple's utility patent. Apple also sued Samsung in a Dutch court claiming that the South Korean company had copied the photo gallery application. The court ruled in favour of Apple.

The design infringement was denied by the court.

The Tokyo District Court ruled in favour of Samsung and denied any violation by the South Korean company.

Apple wins $1 billion

The jury awarded more than $1.05 billion in its patent infringement claim that Samsung Electronics Co copied technology used in its iPad and iPhone. "Samsung had infringed on six of seven smartphone patents in question," the jury said.

Counting the cost of Apple-Samsung war

Verdict by U.S. court leaves Samsung down, not out; increasing patent wars bewilder consumers.


A San Jose Jury in California ruled in favour of Apple and asked Samsung to pay $290 million to the iPhone maker.

Samsung wins patent ruling banning older iPhones from U.S.

The International Trade Commission banned several older model iPhones and iPads from the U.S. in a major patent victory for Samsung.

Jury says Samsung infringed Apple patents

A jury has added $290 million more to the damages Samsung Electronics owes Apple for copying vital iPhone and iPad features, bringing the total amount the South Korean technology titan is on the hook for to $930 million.


Both the companies have decided to drop all the patent cases outside U.S. but the cases in America will continue.

Verdict in Samsung-Apple patent trial mixed

Jurors ordered Samsung to pay just a fraction of the big-money damages sought by Apple in a high-stakes Silicon Valley case over smartphone patents.

Samsung, Apple agree to drop lawsuits outside US

Samsung and Apple Inc. have agreed to end all patent lawsuits between each other outside the U.S.

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