iPhone power button not working?

Are you an iPhone 5 user who hits the top button on your device and nothing happens? You’re not alone.Based on a recent survey of some of my top stories on Blorge, two separate pieces I wrote about the problem continue to get big time traffic. So what’s the deal?

                                   iPhone 5 power button not working? Problem continues

The issue at hand is the power button. For one reason or another, the sensors under the button, or the spring that pushes it back up, can break down pretty easily. I’ve replaced two iPhones in the past year. The same goes for one my of good friends.

Replacing the phone isn’t an issue. Schedule a Genius Bar appointment, walk into an Apple Store, show the representative that when you hit the top button, nothing happens, and he or she will gladly replace it. You get a new iPhone with a working power button

The problem has been well-documented across the web, but nowhere better than Apple’s own support communities forum.

“The power button of my iPhone 5 is not working properly. What i mean by that is I have to push the power button REALLY REALLY hard to get it to work. I am wondering can i take it to Apple and have them replace it for me? I had have my iPhone 5 for a little more then a year and my warranty is out of date.”

If you’re experiencing the problem and are still under warranty (If you bought on opening day, you’re out of luck now), it’s a no-brainer to just take it into the Apple Store. Just make sure to backup your phone before doing so. You’ll receive a brand new iPhone, no questions asked.

Side note: If you think you can get a different color iPhone (white or black), you’re out of luck. Apple has PLENTY of stock when it comes to replacement phones.

What happens if you’re out of warranty? You have some options. Do your best to blow out any dust around the button. That has proven to work for some.

For the adventurer, unscrew your phone and check out the power button. There’s a good chance the spring is flattened. If this is the case, you can roll the dice and tinker with it, but I’d be careful.

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