How to remove tag on facebook?

Facebook is a top social network on the web. Even it is more social, some of features are annoying (atleast for some of people). One of the most annoying things on facebook is Tagging. Tagging is a feature which we can mention our friends (aslo unknown facebook users) on our photos and status.
Removing tag (Untag) is very easy on facebook. When people tagged us on their photos or status, that will be showing on our facebook timeline. If that status is public, all of our friends will see the notification.

On that tagged post, click the Edit button. It will show some options.

If you click “Hide from timeline”, that post will removed from your timeline. But your name will be still there.

To remove the tag, click “Report/Remove tag”. Next window will show.

Select “I want to untag myself” option and click continue button.

It will tell you that you are untagged from that post, then click ok button.

Thats all! You removed that tag.

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