How to Access Mobile WAP sites on your PC

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) enabled sites are especially designed for Mobile oriented browsing that written with Wireless Markup Language (WML). Sometimes you want to see the mobile version of a site on your computer browser, but the browser can’t show that webpage. You may get confused and try to open the site once again. There will be no response, because computer browsers do not support WML and it will display an empty white page only for WAP sites. Here I tell you some ways to access mobile WAP websites on your PC.


1. Online WAP Emulators

Online Emulators emulate the mobile site to access in web and works like a mobile environment. Some of the popular online emulators are here.

2. Firefox Add-ons

a) WML Browser Firefox Add-on

If you are using Firefox browser, you can install this extension to access WAP sites on Firefox. After the installation, you will see this add-on in Tools menu or Status bar. You can enable/disable the WAP browsing by on/off button in this tool. Get WML Browser

This is also Firefox Add-on, which helps to change Firefox User Agent settings to other User Agents like IE, Opera Mini, iPhone and etc. After the installation, you will see this add-on in Tools Menu. If you change the setting to iPhone, your browser will works like a iPhone mobile browser. So you can easily access WAP sites. Get User Agent Switcher

3. Offline Emulators/ Browsers

a) Opera Web Browser – Opera is the only browser supports WAP functionality and you can browse through WML pages properly.

b) WinWap Emulator – This is an offline Emulator software designed for access WAP sites on your computer.

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