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As one of the most recognizable images in science, the periodic table is ingrained in our culture. First drawn up in 1869 by Dmitri Mendeleev, its 118 elements make up not only everything on our planet but also everything in the entire universe.

The Periodic Table looks at the fascinating story and surprising uses of each of those elements, whether solid, liquid or gas. From the little-known uses of gold in medicine to the development of the hydrogen bomb, each entry is accompanied by technical data (category, atomic number, weight, boiling point) presented in easy-to-read headers, and a color coding system that helps the reader to navigate through the different groups of elements.

A remarkable display of thought-provoking science and beautiful photography, this guide will allow the reader to discover the world afresh.

AUTOCAD 2014 Tips and Trick 

Enhance the power of AutoCAD with easy-to-use visual communication
Autodesk® AutoCAD®Design Suite helps designers work more
creatively, rapidly evaluate designs in context and effectively communicate
and sell ideas. AutoCAD Design Suite Standard contains AutoCAD, Autodesk®
SketchBook®Designer, Autodesk® Showcase®AutoCAD® Raster Design,and Autodesk® Mudbox®software. The Premium edition of the suite adds Autodesk®3ds Max® Design. The Ultimate edition of the suite also adds
Autodesk® Alias® Design.

AutoCAD Platform Customization
Make AutoCAD your own with powerful personalization options

Options for AutoCAD customization are typically the domain of administrators, but savvy users can perform their own customization to personalize AutoCAD. Until recently, most users never thought to customize the AutoCAD platform to meet their specific needs, instead leaving it to administrators.

If you are an AutoCAD user who wants to ramp up personalization options in your favorite software, AutoCAD Platform Customization: User Interface and Beyond is the perfect resource for you. Author Lee Ambrosius is recognized as a leader in AutoCAD platform customization and can help you get the most out of AutoCAD.

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