Top 10 Android Music Player apps

Whether one’s bitten by the music bug or not, it isn’t surprising to see ears plugged-in with earphones on roads or even while traveling using public transport. If you are an Android user and want to put the stock player at bay, then here are the top 10 Android music players to download. With the increasing number of Android users, this list could be handy for novice users to get the music player that suits them the best.
PowerAmp - Trial, 267.25
This stays among our favourites and despite some new entries, PowerAmp still comes across as the best choice so far. It comes with support for an array of audio file formats, 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets, separate Bass and Treble adjustment, tag editor and more to indulge in. The trial version lasts for 15 days, and the unlocked paid version can then be downloaded to upgrade the app.

PlayerPro - Trial, 232.18
This is a must-have app for all Android-using music fiends. It has been upgraded heavily and lets users put their fingers on some cool features, like browsing and playing music by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists, single and group editing, 10 band graphic equalizers with presets and more. The features are thoroughly tested and after a 7 day trial period, you can go straight and opt for the premium version.

DoubleTwist – Free
This is yet another cool music player for your Android. Its syncing capabilities are a boon for Mac users owning an Android device. It can sync music, download legal and high-quality album artwork, create smart playlists and also allows subscribing to podcasts. DoubleTwist is a free app, allowing several in-app purchases and the alarm clock seems quite interesting. If you set the alarm clock for a specific time, it suggests what time you should sleep.

WinAmp - Free, 267.45
This is yet another good option for your Android device. It’s simple and neat with handy features, like expandable Now Playing screen, integrated Android search and ‘Listen to’ action, playlists shortcuts and play queue management, to name a few. The Pro Bundle packs in some additional features, such as 10-band graphic equalizer, customizable homescreen, crossfade, gapless playback, personalized station recommendations, and negates the ads.

Neutron Music player – Trial, 268.14
The Neutron Music player’s user interface may be gaudy for some, but the music player functions efficiently. It’s smooth to use and feature loaded for every taste. Those owning a high-end device can get the most out of this player, while it is definitely worth the buy for others, too. After a trial version of 5 days, users can go ahead and buy the music player application.

GoneMad - Trial, 213.85

Our next option may not sound familiar, but serves as a decent music player for your Android devices. The GoneMad music player for Android supports all standard music files aac, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav, flac, tta, ape, mpc, alac and wma (except lossless wma). It features customizable 2 to 10 band graphic equalizer with 3 quality settings and even Left/Right audio balance adjustments. Those with Android 2.3 and above get some additional support. GoneMad offers a 14 day trial version, which can then be upgraded by simply installing the GoneMad Unlocker.

Realplayer - Free
One of the best Android apps to enjoy music is RealPlayer. Although, it is still in beta, Realplayer has been made simple and user-friendly. It has an intuitive user interface, faster scrolling, content folder search and playlist editor. RealPlayer has been accepting feedback from its users to implement further improvements. It is available on Google Play for free.

n7player – Trial, 134.25
This music player has an interactive and fun interface. With complete multi-touch support, the interface is smooth and also lets you view music in a single plane full of albums with a 3D effect. It supports all leading file formats, but mkv requires Android 4.0+, flac needs Android 3.1+ and aac requires Android 3.1+ support. The equalizer support comes for Android 2.3 and above.

Cubed – Free
This is a decent, free replacement for your stock player. It has cool features, automatic album art grab, and a good looking user interface. Still available as a beta version, the app ropes in some eye-catching view modes. In the market, it is termed as ‘3’, so don’t get boggled over not finding an app termed ‘Cubed.’ This app is simple and straightforward, and yes, it's still beta.

Mixzing – Free, 267.45
As they rightly call it, this is pretty much an advanced music player. It can display lyrics for numerous songs, automatically save playlists, restore deleted play lists and much more. The mood player also assists in private listening. The graphics equalizer can be used with select file formats and has an option to discover new music, too. The music player is available as a freemium app and users can also upgrade using the Unlocker premium version.

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