A favicon is a website’s icon that appears near the browser’s address bar. It also appears in the browser’s bookmarks.A favicon serves as your website’s identity and when people bookmark your site, it is easier for them to identify which websites in the bookmarks are yours.So, here is the favicon how-to tutorial. 5 easy steps to put up a favicon on your site or wordpress blog!

How to Make a Favicon in 5 Easy Steps

1. Create the image

Choose the image that you want to use as your favicon. Or create one yourself. Then crop or resize it to a 36 x 36 square.

2. Save it

You can save it as jpg, png ( for transparency), or ico (the most widely supported format; use this tool to generate ico).

3. Upload it

Then, use Filezilla or another FTP client to upload the favicon to your server, where you put all your other site images.
For wordpress users, you can also use this method: Go to wp-admin/media-new.php, choose your file, and upload. Then, copy the File URL.

4. Edit the code

Then, edit the code in your header (for wordpress users, go to the theme editor and choose header.php). Add this line
<link rel="shortcut icon" href=”” type="image/ico" />
Add it just before </head>. Be sure to replace “” with the actual path to your favicon.

5. Reload your site and see your brand new shiny favicon!

After that, go to your site, hit Ctrl + F5 (Clear-cache-reload), and tada! – you have a brand new shiny favicon!
So, do you have any questions on adding a favicon to your site? Ask it in the comments!

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