Gmail – Suggested Contacts lists

Gmail (Google Email) users should now see “My Contacts” and “Suggested Contacts” lists. A post from Gmail Official Blog saying that “My Contacts contains the contacts you explicitly put in your address book (via manual entry, import or sync) as well as any address you’ve emailed a lot (we’re using five or more times as the threshold for now).” One of the advantages of automatically creating contacts is that all of the addresses you email subsequently show up in auto-complete.

Suggested Contacts is where Gmail puts its auto-created contacts. By default, Suggested Contacts you email frequently are automatically added to My Contacts, but for those who prefer tighter control of your address books can choose to disable usage-based addition of contacts to My Contacts.

As for the other collection of email addresses, “Suggested Contacts is where Gmail puts its auto-created contacts.” And if you want, you can halt the automatic transfers between Suggested Contacts and My Contacts.

For user control, Gmail might have taken another step that would keep people off or allow them to be removed from the Suggested Contacts list.

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