Basic computer maintenance tips

If it’s a desktop computer you are using then it definitely needs some basic maintenance at least on a monthly basis to keep it in good working order. Follow the basic maintenance tips and you will find your computer will run pretty smoothly and you have less need to call in the computer repair man.

1. First and foremost, make sure you have a way to back up your work, all those files you have created. You don’t want to lose all the work you spent hours on. Use an external device to back up your work manually or use the Windows backup tool which you can schedule.

2. Use the Disc Cleanup tool that is provided on your computer. You can find this uder All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools. Run this at least once a week to clean out all the unneccessary cookies, temp files and empty the recycle bin to make more space on your hard drive.

3. Defragment your computer using the Disk Defragmenter found on your computer under System Tools. This proces is like tidying up your bookshelf, making more space for new stuff. This may take a bit of time bu is well worth doing.

4. Make sure your antivirus program is up to date and run a full scan to make sure you haven’t caught any nasties. There are nasty viruses circulating and you can be totally unaware of them till its too late, and some can cause real damage.

5. Any software that you use on your computer make sure that it runs using the latest upgrade. This includes the Windows Update. Updates come in periodically and some are very important to keep your pc running without any hiccups.

6. Create a schedule, like on the Disk Defragmentor that will run automatically for you. Mine is scheduled to run once a month overnight. So far, it has worked automatically every time.

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