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Online Translator tool is very useful for online users especially when we encountered languages constraint and certain text or entire webpage. It is good and friendly if we have ready made translator tools, here we go:-

Yahoo! Babel Fish Translator – Provides free online text and web page language translationtools.
Translation Tips:
1:     Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation for the highest qualitytranslations.
2:     After you’ve translated some text, click the button marked “Search the web with this text” in order to launch a search using thetranslation results as your query.
3:     Compare a translated web page with the original by clicking “View page in its original language.”


Google Translator – It’s translation produced by state-of-the-art technology, without the intervention of human translators. Automatictranslation is also often referred to as machinetranslation. You can learn more about this translator tool via FAQ.

Windows Live Translator – Free online translator provided by Window Live

Applied Language – Free text translator. You can also get your free translation tool bar here.

Firefox Add on Translator – For those who use firefox, the you can download add on translator here.

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